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2020 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship

Cancelled due to Corona

2020 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship
The 2020 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship will be played in Hallenstadion, Zurich and Vaudoise Arena, Lausanne, Switzerland, during May 8-24 2020. All game starting times are always expressed in local time. Alla matchtider är alltid angivna i lokal tid. Med reservation för eventuella ändringar.
Group A in Lausanne: Canada, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Denmark, Belarus, Great Britain.
Group B in Zurich: Russia, Finland, USA, Switzerland, Latvia, Norway, Italy, Kazakhstan.

Date, time Game Venue, country
2020-05-08, 20.20 Sweden-Czech Republic Lausanne, SUI
2020-05-10, 20.20 Sweden-Belarus Lausanne, SUI
2020-05-11, 20.20 Germany-Sweden Lausanne, SUI
2020-05-14, 20.20 Sweden-Slovakia Lausanne, SUI
2020-05-16, 16.20 Canada-Sweden Lausanne, SUI
2020-05-17, 16.20 Sweden-Great Britain Lausanne, SUI
2020-05-19, 20.20 Denmark-Sweden  Lausanne, SUI
2020-05-21, 14.20  Quarter Final Lausanne, SUI
2020-05-21, 16.20  Quarter Final Zurich, SUI
2020-05-21, 18.20  Quarter Final Lausanne, SUI
2020-05-21, 20.20  Quarter Final Zurich, SUI
2020-05-23, 13.20 Semi Final  Zurich, SUI
2020-05-23, 18.20 Semi Final  Zurich, SUI
2020-05-24, 15.20  Bronze Medal Game Zurich, SUI
2020-05-24, 20.20 Gold Medal Game  Zurich, SUI
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